Container Storage Locations


About Our Locations

We have a large inventory of container types and sizes to meet almost any temporary storage need. If you need storage options in the Portland, Seattle or Houston area we can help.

We encourage our customers to come to our location and pick out the container that you want. We are a full service container yard with our own inventory. You are not going to get a container loaded to the delivery truck site unseen, right off the stack. All of our containers are quality inspected by our professional staff and repaired to the highest standard. You can personally choose the container that meets your specific needs and we will deliver that exact container to you.

Talk to one of our professionals today about your storage needs. Call our toll free number at (1-877-870-9898) or call one of our offices below!


9721 N Columbia Blvd
Portland, OR 97203

503 894-6188


6414 Norwich
Houston, TX 77028

346 250-4100


85 5th Avenue
Milton, WA 98354

(253) 922-9367